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Prototype Design and Development


We can help develop your prototype by bringing it from napkin sketch all the way to a working prototype.  We begin by taking your ideas,specifications and goals, then combining these with our own expertise to create CAD drawings and models of your parts.  This CAD data is then used to create prototypes that can show form, function and overall utility. 

CAD Modeling


Using our suite of CAD applications and processes, we can create files that can be utilized at any phase of product development--from ideation and form building to highly precise digital analysis.  These CAD models can be exported for you to use, or we can use them internally to continue development through prototyping and testing.  


Our in house CAD modelers can complement your own team by working with your existing drawings and most major files types.  We can edit the existing CAD data in order to create scale models, section prototypes and test parts.  

3D printed snap-fit connection prototype model from an industrial design drawing

Our prototype team can create many different types of models and prototypes.  These can be simplified form studies in order to better understand a products shape and user interface.  Test parts can be built to test the dimensions, function and fitment of a mechanism.  For marketing, we can create realistic, nonfunctioning display and presentation models. At the top of the range, final 
prototypes can be fabricated that show how the product will look in production, as well as how it will function.

tricone drill bit drawing


Our skilled model makers can create lightweight represenations of your parts and assemblies.  These models can be easily transported by sales teams and show the innovations that make your product stand out.  Additionally, lightweight models can be used to show function that is beneficial for training your team and your customers how to operate your product.


Our multiple modeling techniques can physically express architectural form, vision and structure at scale.  We can assist with maquette models, as well as highly detailed, realistic models for presentation.  These architectural models can be used to show you and your clients how a building will look on site and how it interacts with natural lighting.  

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