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We offer a wide range of material and color choices to fit any of your print needs.  From food safe, bio-degradable plastic, to impact resistant ABS, to flexible rubbers and resins.  Contact us today for a free consultation on what material would be right for you. 


                                     Our filaments include:


-ABS                          -Clear / Rigid UV Acrylate                     -Poly-Carbonate ABS

-PLA                          -Orange / Durable UV Acrylate             -Wood Composite

-PETG                        -Clear / Flexible UV Acrylate                -Flexible TPE

-Nylon                       -Carbon Fiber ABS



Our Fabrication Lab boasts an array of industrial quality printers.  From our ultra-high resolution SLA resin machines with a build plate of 165x165x185mm, to our high resolution, over sized FDM printers with a build plate of 600x600x600mm, we are able to handle any size job. 


Our Fabrication Lab and Model Makers are able to offer mutiple finishing options.  Whether it is the matte finish of a high-resolution print, a gloss polish, or a clear transparent resin, our team can create the exact look and feel you are trying to acheive. 


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