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Small Scale 3D Scanning

Using Non-Contact Photogrammetry, our scanning technicians are able to create a digital representation of any form, down to sub-millimeter accuracy.  Our external form digitization creates a mesh that can later be used to 3D Print replicas. We also offer a rebuild option where our CAD team uses the scan to rebuild the forms internal structure. This will allow you to edit, add, or change parts.


Part Replication

Can't find that part you need?  Using our scanners, we offer a rapid part replication service. Whether you have a hard-to-find or discontinued replacement part, just bring us the old part.  Our technicians can scan, rebuild, and print new parts.


Large Scale 3D Scanning

We have teamed up with Aerobotics to offer Large Scale Photogammetry.  Using automated drones, we are able to scan and make digital replicas of objects the size of cars, all the way to Industrial Processing Plants.  This rapid digitization is ideal for architectual site construction, plant turn-around construction, and oil rig decomissioning.



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