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CAD Model Creation

Our team of CAD designers are able to modify, convert and create computer models based off your exact specifications and drawings.  These files can then be used by you for product development, or internally by us to create models, product renders, or patent drawings for you.  We can import and edit files from most major CAD packages, including, but not limited to: AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Sketch-up, Rhino 3D and Fusion 360.


Patent Drawings

We are able to take pre-existing CAD files and create 2D technical drawings.  These drawings can be used for patent applications, fabrication specs, or instruction manuals.  If the CAD file does not exist, our team of CAD designers can create one for you.  All drawings can include precise measurments and specific views to fit your needs.


Product Rendering

IdeaZoo can provide full color product rendering for your marketing and sales needs.  Our team is able to add material texturing, enviromental mapping, and lighting replication to give your render a realistic look and feel. 


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