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Our Industrial Lasers are able to cut and etch a multitude of flat sheet materials.  Virtually any wood, plastic or fabric can be cut to your precise specifications.  Some examples of materials are:


-Most ply or hard wood (up to 3/8'' thick)                             -Fabric

-Sheet Acrylic (up to 1/2" thick)                                             -Leather

     -single color acrylic                                                            -Foam Core (up to 1")

     -translucent, clear or tinted acrylic                                  -Cardboard (up to 1")

     -mulitlayer / multicolor acrylic


Our Industrial Lasers offer over sized cutting beds to allow for large scale projects.  Our Fabrication Lab has the ability to cut flat sheet material up to five feet wide by any length.  This allows for full sheets of plywood, cardboard and acrylic to be cut with ease.




Some Examples of how laser cutting can benifit your company:


-Custom control pannels      -Engraving                                 -Interior Design components

-Signage                                 -Etching                                      -Custom Fabric Templates

-Custom Gaskets                   -Architectual Models                -Leather Engraving

-Stamps                                  -Architectural Construction     -Sculptural Items


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