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Laser Cutting Production

Many items can be produced quickly and economically using our laser cutting facilities.  Our machines can process many types of rubber, plastic, wood and paper products.  These parts can be used for industrial applications such as gaskets and seals, architectural applications such as patterned walls and a/c grills, and many other uses including home decor, artwork, jewelry, mechanical toys and model aircraft.

First Run Production

Market testing and research often requires having a small production run to get products into a customer's hand, while also keeping capital expenditures low.  Our additive manufacturing facility is well suited to creating an initial batch of products that can be used, tested and sold, without worrying about sinking costs into injection molds before your product is completely ready for mass production.

Specialty Items

Some products cannot be produced either economically or at all using traditional manufacturing methods. Products that include necessary details such as hollow interior cavities and complex geometry in every direction may require additive manufacturing production.  These parts could be used in high tech production environments where specialized fittings, grippers or ducting may be required.  

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